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Slow updates, Check other sections.

Posted by Ryan on Feb 15, 2005 02:42pm

This part of my page isn't updated a whole lot, as it really only has site news, like updates and such. There has been a minor update. I have removed alot of the source code on the site, and just left the exes. Also check out the blog page for a somewhat more frequent update on stuff.

New content.

Posted by Ryan on Oct 10, 2004 09:31am

I updated my resume on the site finally, and added links to a PDF, Doc, RTF, and TXT version of the resume, yay for opensource PDF maker :D

Programming Section Updates!

Posted by Ryan on Oct 06, 2004 09:34pm

Yes, I finall made some updates to the programming section. You can now view source code on teh lab assignments for classes that I have uploaded to the web server. Everything is in place, I just have to upload more content and add my own syntax highlighting code. Which will not be fun. Oh well back to work!!

Oh my an update!?

Posted by Ryan on Oct 05, 2004 07:45pm

Yes, its been a while since a Site News post. Currently working hard on my Final Project, but I plan to update the site in a big way once I near completion and start the job hunting process. I am currently updating my resume and will have links to a PDF,doc, and txt version as well as a website only version. I will get more of my coding stuff up both school and side projects.

More New Things and Such

Posted by Ryan on Jul 22, 2004 01:44am

So, I now have the whole School Programming section in a database and being loaded and what not. Also have the access levels fully working and, display links to edit and delete posts, same goes for the blogs section. Still gota get a edit interface and a delete interface going. As well as user management. All goes well though!

More backend stuff updated

Posted by Ryan on Jul 20, 2004 03:22pm

Now that I got the basic sites ported to the new design. I am moving over all the news management stuff, and I now have the Blog being stored in the DB, just gota add a posting interface and other things.

New Site Design

Posted by Ryan on Jul 18, 2004 09:29pm

Well, I got tired of the old design, it worked but the underlying code was horrible and, I felt like starting from scratch with a new design. I like this one, I find it very simple, sleak and straight forward. There are still a few quirks here and there, I'm tryin to fix the top image but I am not the greatest with Photoshop. Yes most pages are not working, I am working on it :)

Changes, Here's some more!

Posted by Ryan on Jul 09, 2004 05:01pm

Yeah! Just finished coding my own php news script using mySQL! It works I can add/edit/delete posts. Still have some things to add behind the scenes.

Some updates!

Posted by Ryan on Jul 05, 2004

Yeah some more updates, did some site organization, and added those cool tool tips. the OverLib scripts are really cool. On my 4th of July break, dunno what im gonna do, prolly code or something. Will prolly update the programming pages with stuff, but we'll see how that goes. More updates later!

School Section Update

Posted by Ryan on Jun 04, 2004

Back doing that college thing again at Full Sail. But this time for only 8 months not 14. Finished my first class last month and added it to my review of Full Sail page. Check it out if your interested. Should get some more code demos up soon.